Animal husbandry company towns built City (present Jahad –e- Sabz Company) Date 05/25/1996 under number 121832 Tehran Companies Registration Office and recorded in the Official Gazette No. 14932 dated 06/11/1996 announcement has been.
نرخ ارز
عنوان قیمت
یورو 35156
دلار آمريکا 26419
درهم امارات 7193
دلار کانادا 24138
یوان چین 4298
پوند انگلیس 43892
Name : Hosseini
Side : Managing Director& Vice Chairman of the Board
Education : Agricultural Engineering Master of Science
Job Experience : deputy of central organization of rural and agricultural cooperatives of iran (corc ),general manager of technical dept of corc managing director jihade agriculture of aliabad (katol ) managing director of gonbade kavos .
,managing director of kord koy and gaz port ,responsible for phytosanitarty dept of gonbade kavos

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