Animal husbandry company towns built City (present Jahad –e- Sabz Company) Date 05/25/1996 under number 121832 Tehran Companies Registration Office and recorded in the Official Gazette No. 14932 dated 06/11/1996 announcement has been.
نرخ ارز
عنوان قیمت
یورو 35156
دلار آمريکا 26419
درهم امارات 7193
دلار کانادا 24138
یوان چین 4298
پوند انگلیس 43892


Deciduous tree of the genus (Populus) is. Woody plant diversity in the world has a large spread in the manner of wilderness areas to the north Prakndhast widths.
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Deciduous tree of the genus (Populus) is. Woody plant in the world has a lot of diversity and expand the So that the desert to the northern areas between Prakndhast. Today, considering the fast-growing poplar genus to be found in many developing countries, particularly in agriculture, wood is used.
مشخصات نهالهای تولیدی
ارتفاع(cm) : 300-150
سن(سال) : 2
نوع : ریشه ای

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