Animal husbandry company towns built City (present Jahad –e- Sabz Company) Date 05/25/1996 under number 121832 Tehran Companies Registration Office and recorded in the Official Gazette No. 14932 dated 06/11/1996 announcement has been.
نرخ ارز
عنوان قیمت
یورو 35156
دلار آمريکا 26419
درهم امارات 7193
دلار کانادا 24138
یوان چین 4298
پوند انگلیس 43892
Silver serving small

Silver serving small

Silver Cypress High tolerance to drought because of the important species for reforestation of degraded ecosystems and the green area is urban and suburban.
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Silver deals because of low demand and high tolerance to drought of important species for afforestation of degraded ecosystems and green spaces in urban and extra urban. For this purpose, a factorial experiment in split plot design with three treatments and sowing time (December and January), irrigation (two levels, both day and a four-day intervals) and weeding (in two weeks once every two weeks) with four replications was used. After the end of the first growing season, the desired measurements include biomass, root length, shoot length ratio and the percentage was once a week. Effect of planting date and combine all the factors on the ratio of shoot length, root length was significant. The effect of treatments on tree vitality was significant, so that the most vitality in fall planting, watering and weeding once in every two days each week at a time. Based on the results obtained, in order to reduce production costs seedlings in nursery Khorramabad slum, one of the species by weeding period and due to the shortage of labor was more time of sowing Zemestan Autumn change said.
مشخصات نهالهای تولیدی
ارتفاع(cm) : 65-30
سن(سال) : 2
نوع : گلدانی

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