Animal husbandry company towns built City (present Jahad –e- Sabz Company) Date 05/25/1996 under number 121832 Tehran Companies Registration Office and recorded in the Official Gazette No. 14932 dated 06/11/1996 announcement has been.
نرخ ارز
عنوان قیمت
یورو 35156
دلار آمريکا 26419
درهم امارات 7193
دلار کانادا 24138
یوان چین 4298
پوند انگلیس 43892
MERCURY garden sprayer
MERCURY garden sprayer
MERCURY garden sprayer
MERCURY garden sprayer
MERCURY garden sprayer

MERCURY garden sprayer

Garden extended specialized, and more modern.

Soon to be released
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chassis from steel profiles UPN which has high durability and is vibration resistant.

HC 5500
computer spray application to control the volume.

HC 3500
Auto Push < / span>

control units
handheld control unit

Control CB 2 Braglia
strong pressure valves High-pressure spray is designed
control unit EVC
Including pressure and the pressure is

in sizes 2000, 3000, < span dir = "ltr"> 4000 l

pump characteristics
model HARDI 363

rotary pumps, diaphragm
Easy Service
Rates up to 20 times
140 liters per minute

model HARDI 321
diaphragm pump
easy service
rate up to 20 times
73 liters per minute
Air Kits & Defelector

air kit SF65 & SF85
Kit SF air 13 ventilation fins on its input with the output of individual channel page. These blades produce uniform air and ensure the best possible implementation of spraying is .
SF65 created 65000 cubic meters air / hour
SF85 To create 85000 m air / h

Dflktvr DUO
Znk is called Windward steel blower air is divided into two sides, the air above the Adjustable wings, DUO Dflktvr for better cultivation of agricultural products, particularly grapes, apples, olives, etc. is useful.
Dflktvr T and V Shkk DUO is available in two models, one suitable for grapes and other Shrub and hedgerow ( apples, olives and ...).
low wind deflector V-shaped
lower deflector is adjustable and very Svdmndast and to conduct air upward spraying the roots of trees is high, V-shaped deflector to prevent losses spraying upwards, where there is a tree.

مشخصات سمپاش
مدل : MERCURY 2300
حجم مخزن : 2300
سیستم کنترل : الکترونیکی(ٍEVC)
نوع پمپ : 363
سیستم توربین : SF65
وزن : 850kg

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5.5/10 (Voters 20 Person )